Group Fitness and Exercise Classes in Bergen County, NJ

Choose from Three Classes:

F.A.S.T: - 30 Minute Class

Fierce Agility Speed Training. This is a high intensity, non-stop class for 30 minutes. This class is designed to bring your fitness to the next level as the class is geared towards working to your maximum fitness level. Throughout the session, you will move from your minimum to maximum levels of training without ever reaching “zero.” F.A.S.T. was designed to help students work on speed and agility details utilizing the entire range of cardiovascular fitness.

OzFit Prime

Let the fun begin! This workout program in Waldwick NJ is for all fitness enthusiasts who are willing to take on the challenge. OzFit Prime provides you with a wide range of exercises that focus on strength, agility flexibility functional performance, and speed. This training philosophy is unique, and is not found in any other gym in Bergen County.  Ozzy utilizes all the mechanics of professional fitness training to bring your body to the next level.

  • Our unique program is suited for beginners as well as clients who are in good physical condition.

  • This is an inclusive, welcoming, and Stress free environment.

  • The intensity of each exercise is based on the client's drive and fitness goals.

  • We offer a FREE trial class for new clients.


Be prepared to engage in one of the most difficult but fun workouts you have ever experienced. StrikeFit is a combination of Muay Thai and Fitness boxing, that takes the best of both worlds. This high calorie burning workout  will focus on Kickboxing techniques and specific cardio-based movements that you will only find “real” FIGHTERS doing, taught by a PROFESSIONAL MMA fighter Ozzy Dugulubgov. StrikeFit is in a category all in its own as its specific to the founder of OzFit, a world-class athlete that has brought all his training and experience to deliver to his members.

What you'll gain

The class will focus on strength, agility, coordination, discipline, and the mental skills needed to stay fit and excel at life's challenges. You will recognize how to train smart and stay safe as you develop your core strength and tone your body.  All levels are welcome for group sessions with a professional athlete, Ozzy Dugulubgov



Group Fitness Program Rates

Price per class $20

10 pack - $140 (Save $60! No expiration date!)

Monthly Rate, Stop anytime, Unlimited groups - $160

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